Jan 31 at 7pm on ZOOM

PSNH Presents: S Stephanie
on Diving Deep...the Joy of Revision

Hello Poetry Friends - This date replaces the presentation that was postponed on Jan. 24 due to inclement weather/loss of power. If your registered for that session and received a cancellation notice via email, please re-register via the link included in this email. If you heard directly from me that you are pre-registered, you do not need to register again.
So, we’ve changed a line, a couple words, some punctuation in our poem and now we are on to the next one. We may have even bravely (or begrudgingly) taken out a stanza and changed the title completely. Our “revision” is complete. Admittedly it’s not the best poem we’ve ever written, but hey, we’ll move on to the next and write another, maybe even better one? Because it’s more fun writing the initial ideas and images for a new poem than “working” on or “revising” that old one, right? “Revision” bogs us down, isn’t where the “creative” in creative writing is, right? It’s much more fun to think up something “new”? If you agreed to any of these statements, you might be doing your poems and your Self a great disservice. You certainly have not discovered the joy of revising, or the sheer play and creativity involved in it.

Revision is not a punishment as some would have us believe! Revision is, in my not so humble opinion, where the “creative” in creative writing really is! It is where we discover our deeper Selves. And it is nothing short of joyful! In this program we will listen to what 2 major poets have to say about revision (video), and I will share an experience of my own. Bring a poem you have already revised and feel you are done with (don’t cheat by bringing one you are stuck on or haven’t revised). I will give you two prompts for deep revision. We probably will not have time to share our end results, but you will be able to take those two prompts home for future use, and I promise you will be inspired to do so. Join me and start the new year with a deeper, broader, and more joyful process for writing your poems

Bio: S Stephanie has been teaching, writing, and publishing for more years than she will admit to. She has been active in creating and participating in the NH Poetry Community for more years than she is willing to admit to as well. She is published in many anthologies, lit magazines, online magazine, etc. You can visit her poorly kept website at (which she attempts to update every few decades…)

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