Member Spotlight for March 2023

Hello Friends - please be sure to check out the PSNH Member Spotlight for March 2023, which features notable member news, appearances, awards, publications, readings, residencies, and more.

Upcoming Events

March 15 PSNH Open Mic with headliners Julia Lisella and Kathleen Aguero at Gibson's Bookstore in Concord, NH; March 21 PSNH Presents on Zoom: Midge Goldberg on "Steal This Poem"; Be sure to check out these events and more at

Have an event to share? What's going on in your area for National Poetry Month? Let us know and we'll include it on our event calendar.

Voice in a Shattered World

If you'd like to hear it again or if you were unable to attend on Feb. 25, a recording of the presentation "Voice in a Shattered World: Ukrainian Women Writers on War and Displacement" is available on the members only page at

Liane St. Laurent Membership Committee Chair
Poetry Society of New Hampshire
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