Charles Simic Poetry Contest

The Poetry Society of New Hampshire is accepting tribute poems in honor of Charles Simic. 

Tribute poetry is broadly defined as work speaking to the incredible poetic legacy of Charles Simic. Contest poems should connect in some way to Charles Simic, whether through content or form. Possibilities include poems which borrow a line, title, or image from Simic or poems which describe Simic as a poet, teacher, friend, or colleague. Include a brief statement of no more than 150 words explaining the contest poem’s connection to Charles Simic. 

The judge is Alexandria Peary, Poet Laureate of New Hampshire. This contest is open to everyone with a separate category for teens (13-19).

Winners, as well other selected submissions, of the contest will be published in the fall/winter issue of The Poets’ Touchstone. The first-place teen poem will win a $250 dollar prize from the State Laureate and will also be published in Under the Madness Magazine as well as the fall/winter issue of The Poet’s TouchstoneAll contest submissions will be read anonymously and identifying information should not appear in the submission. Submissions are open now until July 30th. 

Please enter via Submittable.

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