Meet the new TPT editors

Associate editors and staff for issue 64.1 of The Poets’ Touchstone have been selected, and they are:

Amber Rose Crowtree – Associate Editor

Amber Rose Crowtree grew up in Downeast Maine and lives in rural New Hampshire. She is the author of two chapbooks from 2021: Harboring the Imperfect (Dancing Girl Press) and The Inviolable Hours (Finishing Line Press). She earned her MFA in Writing through Vermont College of Fine Arts. She is laborer of many trades and works for the National Park Service.

Brian Evans-Jones – Associate Editor

Brian Evans-Jones lives in Sharon, NH, where he enjoys hiking and teaching poetry. He was Poet Laureate of the original Hampshire, in England, before moving to the US in 2014. He publishes free resources on poetry and creativity at The Poetry Place

Anastasia Vassos – Associate Editor

Anastasia Vassos is the author of Nike Adjusting Her Sandal (Nixes Mate, 2021). Her chapbook The Lesser-Known Riddle of the Sphinx was a finalist in Two Sylvias Press 2021 Chapbook Contest. She is a reader for Lily Poetry Review, speaks three languages, and is a long-distance cyclist. She lives in Boston.

Hannah Rubin – Submissions Coordinator

Hannah Rubin is in eleventh grade at Phillips Exeter Academy. She loves writing personal essays and poetry. Outside of writing, Hannah enjoys playing piano, cooking, and listening to music. 


Submission guidelines are revised slightly for every submission call, but there’s one addition in particular that’s worth mentioning here: In order to ensure an unbiased review, we must ask submitters to please refrain from submitting pieces that any editors may have previously seen in a private online group or given feedback on in a workshop or other situation.

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