PSNH Annual Meeting: July 30th, 2022

2 weeks ago

You are cordially invited to attend our Annual Meeting on Saturday, July 30, 2pm – 4 pm (ET) the Agenda for which follows. The Board presents several new amendments to the PSNH BylawsMembers should have received an email with a meeting link and attached amendments. If you did not receive an email please contact

Members are invited to offer their questions or comments via this online form

The Meeting is in three parts:

Part I is for the current Board of Directors to provide a summary of the prior Fiscal Year’s activities and achievements, presenting the amended bylaws to the membership for discussion and ratification, as well as introducing the newly elected Board Members to the membership. 

Part II is dedicated to the first official meeting of the new Board of Directors in which they will elect the new Officers of the organization from among themselves. Except for the amended Bylaws discussion, all other segments of Part I and II are the sole purview of the respective directors. 

Part III is an open mic poetry reading session.


Part I – Conducted by the Current Board

  • Open with a poem 
  • Approve last meeting’s minutes
  • Brief Report of Last Year’s Accomplishment (President)
  • Annual Financial Report (Acting Treasurer)
  • Vote to approve the Treasurer’s Report
  • Introduction of the new Bylaws Amendments to the membership
  • Q & A on the Amended Bylaws (15 min max.)
  • Vote on the amended bylaws by the members attending the meeting
  • Inauguration of the new Board of Directors
  • Informing the New Board of Directors of any ongoing activities they need to take charge of

Part II – Conducted by the New Board

  • Nominating Candidates for Officer Positions (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary)
  • Old and New Business Discussion
  • Close with a poem

PART III – Open Mic Poetry Reading (MC: The New President)

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