TPT 64.2: Letter from the Editor

Dear poets, artists, and readers,

It is my great pleasure to announce the publication of the second issue of Volume 64 of The Poet’s Touchstone, a journal of poetry and visual art, sponsored by the Poetry Society of New Hampshire (PSNH).

If you are a returning reader, you may have noticed that we moved the apostrophe in “Poet’s” from the outside of the “s” to the inside; as it turns out, that was the original name of the journal (when our ISSN was established), and better reflects the idea that The Poet is a single universal identity which each of us embodies in our own way. Both versions are grammatically correct (albeit with different meanings), but the journal will be branded as The Poet’s Touchstone moving forward.
Speaking of which, this will be my last issue as Editor-in-Chief of TPT for the foreseeable future. I have greatly enjoyed my time with this organization, and wish the rest of the team the best in the continuation of this journal under the leadership of PSNH board member Mike Nelson. For now, though, more about TPT 64.2:

The Winter 2022/23 issue contains 44 poems by 32 poets, and 16 pieces of graphic art by 11 artists. Once again, we have a mix of PSNH members and non-members from around the world in this collection, with work created in a variety of themes, lengths and styles. I would like to especially recognize and congratulate Judith Janoo and Amanda Russell, the only two contributors to have all three of their poems accepted, and Alex Stanley, the only poet to receive a perfect score from the editors, for his poem, “Sunset at Ghost Ranch.”

Please join me and the TPT team in celebrating these poets and all our other contributors on Zoom the evening of Tuesday, Feb. 28, and the morning of Saturday, March 4. You can register for these events by clicking on the link on each date in this post.

Thank you to all our submitters for sending your best work; we hope you’ll continue to share it with us in the years to come.


Caitlin M.S. Buxbaum
Outgoing Editor-in-Chief

Caitlin M.S. Buxbaum

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